Content Marketing Campaigns & Outreach

Our Campaign Creation & Outreach

Brands that create the most impactful content not only speak to their own target audience, they also demonstrate the relevance and topicality to get their content covered across the right mix of publishers.

Whether creating cross-channel content campaigns or mini-reactive stories it’s key to set the right tone for your brand but speak to the appropriate audience you’re ultimately targeting.

Insight driven content

At this stage you need to be very clear about who your content is for and which audience you’re targeting. When creating content for promotion, yes it should speak to your customer and be in line with your branding and tone of voice, but you also need to define who you want to engage with through your content.

This could be social influencers, journalists, bloggers and more niche sites. Our content consultants understand the different mix online and are plugged into the content needs of varying sites and publishers.

We’ll spend the insight and ideation phase making sure our approach is in line with the end goal of promoting to the right people at the right time.

Our network of publishers

We work with publishers. We don’t just create content and hope it sticks. Our team of digital PR and outreach experts work closely with their contacts to understand their needs and requirements. We then make sure the content we create caters to exactly that.

We also liaise with selected publishers at the research, insight and ideation phases to make sure they’re bought into our approach from an early stage and that the content works for them, their publication and your brand.

Tapping in to the cultural environment

The world we live in changes from one day to the next. The news agenda can swing in an instant, something that is hot one day is forgotten about the following. We live and breathe this and can tap into the cultural zeitgeist to make sure our content is both timely and relevant. Providing a new and fresh angle on what’s in the news quickly is where we and our clients succeed.

Our team

To make sure we’re able to create the right mix of content to perform for different needs, we have a wide range of specialisms within our team. From content consultants, delivering insight and plugging into the news agenda to digital PR specialists who can develop creative concepts and execute them to the right publishers and influencers.