Our Paid Social Strategy

At Hot House, we’re continually plugged into the digital media landscape. We therefore understand where and when you can make the most impact for your brand. We know that by creating social media ads you can not only drive brand awareness, but you can also secure cost-effective conversions.

That’s why we’ll talk to you about engaging with your existing customers through your social channels, but also how you can drive further awareness and engagement around your brand. We’ll make sure whatever content you create on your social platforms will perform against your business objectives and defined KPIs.

We specialise in social content that:

  • Speaks to your audience
  • Helps your audience with their daily lives
  • Informs your audience about your brand
  • Engages on a personal level
  • Drives traffic
  • Is shareable

Understanding the social media landscape

Before creating any content and activating through your social channels, it’s vital to have a full understanding of the social media landscape. This applies to both paid and organic social – something our social media consultants excel in.

We know that half of advertising budget in the UK goes towards digital media, making the paid social environment hugely important.

We also know that social media feeds that are crammed with clutter are disengaging for users, meaning platforms are reducing this clutter to make the experience for the end users more relevant to them and their lives.

Creating the right campaigns

With this reduction in clutter on social media platforms, we make sure all of our social media campaigns are clear, concise and relevant to your customers. We also ensure we put the right ad spend behind your best content to amplify your message most efficiently.

Whenever we set a bespoke social media strategy, inclusive of paid ad spend we provide you with scalable, trackable metrics that perform against your business objectives.

The power of paid social advertisement

Being able to combine sophisticated ad formats with appropriate targeting helps your brand not only build awareness but also drive conversions.

By using paid in this manner you can connect with extremely specific audiences, as well as reaching more people than through traditional media channels such as print or press. You’ll also see that the cost is significantly less.

You can serve ads to people based on location, demographics, what device they use and most importantly what their passions are. Whatever your defined audience is and wherever those people are online, you can reach them through a number of paid social options.

Our team

The social media landscape changes continually. One day somethings hot, the next it’s forgotten about. Our team of social media consultants are on the pulse of pop-culture and emerging trends. They execute the right blend of cultural knowledge and strategic insight to activate social media campaigns that engage and resonate with the right people in the right places.