Our Social Media Strategy

We believe that search performance and social media go hand in hand. Implementing SEO best practice is vital, as is making sure everything on site is geared towards connecting with your customer. But great brands are the ones that live and breathe all that their customers want and need. This includes creating a dialogue with your audience and impacting their daily lives.

That’s why we’ll work with you firstly to understand your customer and their needs. We’ll then put in place the best strategy to make sure we will engage with those needs, whether by creating a content destination onsite or by getting in front of them daily on their favourite social channels.

We grow your social channels using content that...

Speaks to your audience
Assists with their daily lives
Informs them on your brand
Engages on a personal level
Drives traffic
Is shareable

How we do this for you...

Social media is both a very open and personal place. People are posting and sharing about their daily lives but they’re also engaging with social content that speaks to them on a personal level.

In order to impact this space, you need to be able to define who your audience is and how you should engage with them. Do this right and it can have a really positive impact on your business.

Our social media consultants use a variety of market-leading tools to identify social trends, themes and influencers that are relevant to our clients and their businesses. This ensures every social media strategy we build hits the right note on the right channels.
Our social media consultants will work closely with your brand from the outset to ensure our bespoke social strategy performs against your defined objectives. Whether simple community management, micro-content, or large scale-campaigns it will be the right social content at the right time for the right audience.
Whether your brand wants to get in front of your audience at certain times of the day or during specific activities, or you simply want to open the dialogue on a more personal level, we make sure that the social content we create ties in with and mirrors your business and content objectives.

We’re firm believers that with good social insight, must come good design and execution. All of our social media content is fully responsive, to make sure it can be consumed across mobile and tablet as well as being promoted through a variety of paid channels.
Sometimes just creating engaging content isn’t enough. Our social media content consultants work closely with the major social media networks to ensure all of our social content has the right level of paid activity behind it – it will both engage and perform.