Cross-Channel Tracking & Analytics

We understand that data and business performance go hand in hand. Implementing best practice when it comes to SEO, PPC and social media campaigns is integral to what we do, but we also understand that everything your brand does should be geared to making connections with your customer and impacting their lives.

That’s why when we create content to sit on your site, we design it customer-first to engage with them at the right stage of their journey. That’s why all our social content is fully-responsive so your customers can engage with it as part of their day to day activities.

That’s why we understand the need to evaluate and track all data that relates to your customers’ activities with your brand. Understanding this will ultimately drive digital performance against your business objectives.

Insight driven content

Digital analytics should be at the heart of all your business decisions. When you work with us we’ll be able to:

  • Provide you with custom tracking and measurement
  • Create bespoke reports & dashboards
  • Execute data action plans
  • Integrate multiple data sources into preferred analytics platform

Data Action Plans

We support our clients through the creation of data action plans which provide you with the details of what your business should be tracking. Specifically, we’ll offer our expert advice on what your business can do with that data and how it will impact on your overall needs and objectives. We will also detail how this can inform what those business objectives should be moving forward.

Our expert team is also on hand to work with you and your employees through bespoke data training sessions.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

We’re able to create custom Google Analytics reports and dashboards for your business which will provide you with the opportunity to track the data that really matters in real time. Our expert analysts will also be available to you to help read and interpret the data.

We can also run bespoke training events to make sure your team is getting the most of the data that’s available to them through GA.

Our team

We have the right blend of data scientists and analysists who not only understand how to source and interpret the data, but who also know the newest trends in digital marketing and how data can be applied to them.